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Aug 26, 2014 01:55 PM

Steakhouse near Barclay's Center

Hi everyone,

I posted this on the Manhattan Board, not realizing this Board exists. Someone there suggested I post here as well, so here goes.

I'll start by acknowledging that there are a million threads on NYC steakhouses already, but there is different info in all of them, and my question is fairly specific, so I thought I'd ask it here.
I'm planning a bachelor party in NY next April. We'll be a group of about 15 guys in our mid-20s, and we'll be going to a Nets game on a Friday night. We'll want to go to a steakhouse afterward, so probably for a 10pm reservation. We'll want a place that can take a group that large, and doesn't mind if we're a bit rowdy.
Ideally we won't have to travel too far from the Barclays Center to the restaurant, and ideally we'll be able to go out to bars after dinner within walking distance of the restaurant (but a short cab ride would be fine if necessary). We won't want to do nightclubs, but rowdy bars would be good, and a strip club in the area wouldn't be bad either.
It doesn't matter if we're in Manhattan or Brooklyn - we can choose a hotel based on where the restaurant and bars we go to are.

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  1. The only steakhouse I know in the general vicinity would be Prime Meats. Very good steak. Its a hike from the Barclays Center but its not to far from Smith Street which has a lot of bars. No "gentlemen's clubs" in the area though. Its a bit too residential for that. You would need to head back to Manhattan or much further out into the OBs to find them. If you want to stay close to the Barclays, the Nu Hotel on Atlantic is a good option.

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      There are no steakhouses in the near vicinity of Barclays. Have you checked to see what the facilities in the Arena are?
      Id say Lugers for a classic steakhouse experience + barhopping in Williamsburg (there are hotels in williamsburg too) or sticking with a Manhattan base (its only 30-40 minutes from Barclays to Midtown, less to say Lower East Side) would be better for the kind of night out you are talking about.

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        Let's put some meat on the table!

      2. Another possibility might be Benchmark. They're also not a steakhouse, but they do have very good steaks. I'm not sure about the 10PM dinner. They may not want to stay open that late. The upside of Benchmark is that it's about a 10 minute walk from the Barclay's Center right down 5th ave. And there are a bunch of bars nearby. No strip clubs though... not in that part of Brooklyn.

        1. There are lots of good restaurants in the area but I can not think of any actual steakhouses.
          For stripclubs, my favorite is a cool neighborhood place called Pumps in Greenpoint. It's a down home friendly low key local joint. They don't serve steak.

          1. I thought Benchmark was adding a steak house, via 2nd Street bet 5th & 4th Aves.

            1. Barclays Center is about 2 miles from Prime Meats, which is great but not near any strip clubs. If that's what your looking for, it may be better for you to go to the Palm in Tribecca, which is only about 3 miles from Barclays, and is easy to get to by train.

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                for what its worth, the neighborhood in which Barclays Center only recently arrived is primarily residential and family oriented. While restaurants and bars are being developed to service the crowds (for example a Shake Shack just opened) the community is strongly resisting late night, bottle club and "gentlemans club" type venues (what OP is likely looking for) and none have yet opened to my knowledge

                As others have noted there are plenty of bars and even a beer hall nearby
                maybe that would be a good pre-game or postgame stop for your crowd,