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Aug 26, 2014 01:43 PM

Looking for really good food for Kings Point parents weekend

We will be visiting our son at USMMA next month. Our hotel is in Garden City, and we will have a car and don't mind a short drive (30 min or less). Peter Luger's seems to be a consistent recommendation, but is there anywhere else worth trying. I've heard that Lola's is good, but I'm worried that portions might be too small for our big hungry midshipman (am I wrong about that?). We love all kinds of food. Any ideas? (I'm not worried about price -- we only get 1 meal with him off campus).

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  1. It's Long Island. Portions are never small. Lola has small plates but also plenty of regular-sized entrees and one fantastic Hudson Valley whole duck for two with cabbage, Brussels sprouts and truffled polenta which you can also have topped with foie gras. (Restaurant owner also owns Hudson Valley Foie Gras.)

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      Thanks! I made a reservation at Lola's :)

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        Let us know how it goes. Also recommended in Great Neck: Kensington Deli, real, old-school kosher-style deli.

    2. Arturo's in Bellerose has fabulous old style Italian food.

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        Arturo's might work for Fri night if he gets leave. Thanks!