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Aug 26, 2014 12:20 PM

Bachelor Party Seafood restaurant

Hey everyone - I'm from Toronto, and am thinking about going to Boston for my bachelor party next Spring. We would be going to a leafs-bruins game on the saturday night, then out afterward for dinner followed by drinks.
We'll be a group of about 15 guys in our mid/late 20s, and we'll want a restaurant that either specializes in seafood, or at least does it very well. It doesn't have to be classy or expensive (but it can be); it just needs to be able to accommodate a big group of rowdy guys for a 10pm-ish dinner on a Saturday night in April.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. I would call Island Creek Oyster Bar a month or two before your event and see if they can accommodate you. If not, Eastern Standard Kitchen has great food and a private room you can book and a great bar.

    1. For a late night event like that you might also try Island Creek's sister restaurant, Row 34. They stay open quite late and could accommodate a large party but I would call them at least 2 months in advance.

      1. The Atlantic Fish Co in Copley Sq has a really nice private room and the the food is very good.

        1. Thanks everyone! Those all look great! What are the neighbourhoods for all those restaurants like? It would be ideal to be able to walk to some lively bars (but not clubs).
          I went to No Name years ago and remember enjoying it, but I recall it not being a great atmosphere for a bachelor party, nor was it in a convenient location for going out after - am I remembering correctly?

          1. Most restaurants in Boston serve a variety of seafood even when that is not the specialty. I suggest that you focus on finding a place that meets your other criteria and you will probably find it has a good seafood selection.

            A different problem is your timing. Many Boston restaurants close their kitchens at 10PM (this includes Atlantic Fish). Others stay open only until 11PM on Fri/Sat. And the latest any bar can stay open is 2AM; many bars near residential neighborhoods must close at 1AM. Our new Mayor is trying to change that but we aren't there yet.

            Do you know where you will stay? That might help to identify a good location for a restaurant and bar.

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              Thanks - where we stay would likely depend on where we want to eat and go out - we're easy on that, as long as we don't have to trek too far at any point between the hockey game, the hotel, the restaurant and the bars.