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Aug 26, 2014 12:04 PM

Sustainable seafood platters

Looking to cater a late afternoon party for around 50-60 people with sustainably sourced seafood (I've seen one too many horror movies about this topic at the Env Film Fest to be able to ignore this aspect). Event will be in SW DC. Not sure what budget will be, but high-end restaurants will not look good for my funding request.

Obviously, I am close to the Waterfront. If I can get over the fact that they recently cut down 90% of their mature street trees, that could be a budget-friendly option. Not sure about the sustainability of their seafood.


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  1. Whole Foods has a sustainability rating so you could buy the seafood from them, based on their knowledge. There is also a company based in Kensington, MD called Prime Seafood. The owner, Jim Chambers, is a former NOAA fisheries biologist. His product is always top quality:

    If you are holding this at a restaurant, they may not be willing to use any purveyors other than their own so you many need to find a venue that does not offer its own food menu.

    I think people know that good quality, sustainable seafood is expensive and so if you are worried about how this will look to potential funders, then maybe you should re-think the entire concept.

    1. no help for a specific venue, but in general the Monterey aquarium maintains an updated list of fish sourced worldwide and indicates any concerns with that species and why.