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Aug 26, 2014 11:43 AM

Romantic Dinner in Sorrento, suggestions?

I have searching the discussions for some good Sorrento restaurant suggestions and haven't come across too many. So far I have Caruso's, Don Alfonso (outside of Sorrento), Inn Bufalito, Trattoria da Emilia and Re Foods on my list.
My husband and I will be in Sorrento in October for our 3 year wedding anniversary. We will be staying 3 nights. Would love any recommendations for good, local places. Romantic at least 1 night.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Although it is not in Sorrento, I can highly recommend Don Alfonso. We spent a night there last year and had an amazing lunch. I would return for dinner in a heartbeat. The entire property is lovely, very cozy and romantic and the food was outstanding.

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    1. It's been many years since we were in Sorrento, but we dined at both Caruso and Don Alfonso. Though we had a number of other very good meals, these were definitely our favorites, and both apparently still get very good ratings. For romantic, I think Caruso wins.

      1. Ate at Don Alfonso last 12 years ago. I count it as one of the best meals that I have ever eaten. Take a cab rather than try to drive down the mountain after wine and limoncello.