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Aug 26, 2014 10:25 AM

Montecito anyone?

Didn't see a thread on Montecito yet. Considering going for my birthday dinner, anyone been yet? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance !

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  1. if during tiff, id call. likely to be booked solid.

    - khao san road

    1. After tiff, you won't have a problem getting a table. Until it closes, but that may be a few months in the future.

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        1. re: szw

          Yeah, that's some expert-level cynicism right there. That's impressive.

      1. The birthday isn`t until late September so hope all will be clear by then. Regardless, curious to see what people think of the food.

        1. Simple overpriced food with a complete lack of ambition. Seriously it's not bad per se, just incredibly boring.

          1. Sorry but saw this too late but their seating is good for bdays as they have a bunch of large tables. And they have a second story that may offer some privacy.

            The food is not the best but not overly pricy and portions sizes are decent. Plus I saw some of the sides and they seem ideal for sharing. All in all, don't think you willbe wowed by the food but it's decent and ambiance is nice.

            You can read about my dinner here to get a sense of food