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Aug 26, 2014 12:09 AM

Adding dry pudding to pkg cake mix

Hi I am looking for a recipe that uses jello pudding mix ( not sure if it was instant or cook) with a reg. box cake mix. I use to make it yrs. ago for my kids. I cant remember it now. You make the cake mix ( dont know if I had to add extra water or oil) and put it in the pan. Then you pour the pudding mix all over the top of cake. After its bakes. The cake is on top and the pudding is on the bottom. (Just like reg. pudding) Can anyone please help me with this recipe?

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  1. There was a box mix years ago that made the cake you describe:

    Now, your best bet is to google "magic pudding cake" - there are a lot of scratch recipes that produce something similar.

    1. This recipe sounds like the method you describe and the flavor should be easy to vary:

      That said, I agree with mcsheridan and think the scratch recipe here sounds even better:

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        My favorite part of the recipe listed on This: "Nutritional analysis unavailable."
        Ha! Like we are really paying attention to the nutritional analysis on dessert. Get real. Especially as that statement is preceded by this one: "Spoon into bowls and top with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream."

        In any case, that's certainly the quickest way of getting to the "magic" pudding cake. And yes, it would be interesting to play with the flavors - varying the cake mix & pudding flavor to get different combinations.

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          This is one cake that works really well in the crock pot. Just make sure not to overcook.