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Aug 26, 2014 12:02 AM

anybody have any RECENT experience at Harold and Belle's?

heard good things about it years ago.
still good?

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  1. I really liked the oyster PO boy the last time I was there. I like it. Was there about a year and a few months ago.

    Years. Before. I liked the shrimp creole and the deep fried crab cakes. With the buttered French bread it's a very heavy meal. Very Heavy meal.

    Full bar.

    And they have frog legs.

    Thanks for the reminder. I'm due for a return visit.

    1. So so.
      Fried oysters just too much crisp batter for me and dubious freshness.
      Better off w étouffée and creole dishes that are pricey and place is sorta formal. I have friends down there so go time to time. We go more often to la Louisiane due to the great music and dollar red beans and rice and fried chicken wing nights. They also do po boys and in my opinion a notch better but not great. The music is great tho.

      1. I live a few blocks from there so i go occasionally.
        crawfish etoufee is great.
        fried chicken wing appetizer is great.
        I like the bread pudding and the peach cobbler, but i'm a bit of a sucker for reheated desserts like that. (should i be embarrassed about that?)

        1. My wife and I both felt a little racially vibed the one time we dined there, years ago. But they've had a shack at the LA County Fair the past three or so years, so I hit them up there, along with Pink's and King Taco and corn, lots of corn. Pretty good. No Little Jewel.

          Hm. Occurs to me there hasn't been a recent County Fair thread. Going on Friday, maybe I'll start one.

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          1. re: jesstifer

            We had a similar although probably slightly different experience there as well and ended up getting a bunch of comps to try to make it better.

            1. re: jesstifer

              "a little racially vibes"

              What do you mean I'm just curious ??????

              thanks man.

              1. re: kevin

                Well...You know how you'll occasionally notice a somewhat different interaction with staff and management if you're a non-Asian dining in an Asian restaurant?

                It was a little like that. Nothing overt, just...we didn't get a "come back soon" warm fuzzy. Perhaps it was just, as someone mentioned, the chill of formality we were feeling. Snobby service is snobby service.

                Anyway, didn't mean to start a thing, nor would I begrudge anyone their feelings, yea or nay, about white hipsters (which I certainly was) crashing their ethnic neighborhood restaurants. If H&B's was really memorable, I might go back just like I do to many of those Asian restaurants. Except it wasn't.

                I'm happy to visit their location at the Fair.

                  1. re: jesstifer

                    thanks for letting meknow.
                    i was thinking of going by myself.
                    middle-aged white woman alone presents it's own problems. . ..

                    1. re: westsidegal

                      I've been by myself, a few times mostly with friends, and had no problems, whatsoever.
                      A hospitable, accommodating and extremely friendly environment is all I've ever experienced at Harold and Belle's over the many years I've been going. I'm a white woman who respects this place and the people who run it. I guess they pick up on that and have never treated me with anything other than total respect and warmth and have always welcomed me back.
                      It's down home, non pretentious food with the same attitude behind it.

                        1. re: latindancer

                          how does the place compare with the vibe that used to be at Maurice's Snack and Chat?

                          1. re: westsidegal

                            nothing like it...
                            H and B reminds me of my grandma's dining room, curtains, white linen and sconces and formality. trying to and (in some 1980s way) succeeding in classing it up. honestly for me, it's not casual enough where I'd want to be a solo diner there...but folks disagree as to where they like to hang out....if you like etoufee, as I do, I don't care so much about the dé's a hard dish to find in these parts and at least at that level they succeed.

                            1. re: westsidegal

                              It's a completely different vibe.
                              Maurice had a very large celebrity following…much like a few of the now-closed places in Leimert.
                              The music, the food and the wonderful lady who owned it all added to a wonderful, memorable place. It was a major player in the Jazz scene.
                              Places like that aren't to be found much anymore, at least in that area.
                              Harold and Belle's is just a nice place for people, who love a taste of the south, that come together as families, friends and loyal customers. It's a 'special occasion' place for many I know, who live in that area, and the ambience reflects it. It's not overly formal, not at all. It's definitely a cultural icon.
                              For the most part, as mentioned by another poster, the food can be a little 'heavy' but the collective vibe is what brings me back….and the importance of places like it.