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Aug 25, 2014 08:06 PM

Seeking spicy ethnic food in Dupont Circle or Adams/Morgan neighborhoods!

I'm looking for recommendations from chileheads for spicy ethnic fare (can be Asian, African, Mexican, Caribbean, etc) to be enjoyed during a visit next week. Prefer emphasis on authenticity,uniqueness and value...places not geared towards tourists...

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  1. These are not neighborhoods to find that kind of food. Why are yuo so limited? Closest thing woudl be thr GReat Wall restaurant, Get the ma po tofu, wontons in red hot sauce, and baby bok choy.

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      Thanks Steve! I'll check that out. No, I'm not limited to those neighborhoods necessarily, but my experience made it seem like one could find just about anything there, especially good ethnic fare. Please feel free to expand outward!

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        30 years ago, Adams-Morgan was the place to go for ethnic/spicy foods, but rents got out of hand for the (mostly) immigrants who brought the interesting food into the area.

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          That makes perfect sense....where are the best places to look these days?

    2. Try Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan. Good moles. Regional Mexican. Different happy hour specials on different days.

      You could try an indian Rasica (2 locations), or Indique (Cleveland park so not far from Adams Morgan) although those are all a little upscale.

      U street has a lot of good Ethiopian preference being Etete but I don't know any of the new ones.

      BTW, Indique's sister restaurant, Indique Heights, is closed for remodeling.

      You may want to ask around about Thai restaurants. I hear a lot about Thai Xing but have never been.


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        Thai Xing is not for chileheads. Good, but mostly mild and it's a $40 fixed course menu.

        If you do not have really good Sichuanese near where you live, you really should take the metro up to Rockville, the heart of the Chinese community here. After that it's a fifteen minute walk to Joe's Noodle House. No doubt in my mind it's worth the journey. The best Sichuan food in the area, it speciallizes in xiao chi - small plates, so you can order quite a few great things in one sitting. Go for the Szechuan Beef Jerky (A52), the wontons in red hot sauce (W01), Spicy and sour pickled vegetables (A05), Fried baby smelt with peanuts (A41). Many other great dishes here.

      2. Heritage India on P at 17th, has a nice weekday lunch special.
        Super Tacos on Columbia Road - all the pork tacos are great, and you can spice it up with the salsas.
        Kokeb (a bit further afield, closer to Columbia Heights) for Ethiopian. Recently discovered and I love it so much.
        Sichuan Pavilion (on K) for Chinese.
        Soi 38 for Thai near Dupont. It's not cheap, but I've enjoyed the food there and it was plenty spicy.
        Muzette for Korean in Adams Morgan. Surprisingly authentic flavors in a primarily karoake bar.