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May 25, 2006 06:44 PM


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Returned to Milos last night after a long abscence. Were it not for the extraordinary price of the meal, I would call it nothing less than superb.
We started with the octopus salad for two. Lightly charred chunks in a warm olive oil dressing with a side of chickpeas. Their signature dish and devine as ever.

The main was a whole grilled dorade, seasoned with nothing more than herbs and some good olive oil. Melt in your mouth fish. Accomponied by grilled vegetables with that delicious Greek cheese whose name unfortunatley escapes me.

Dessert was those Greek doughnuts (Loukapades?-pardon me for buthcering the name) smothered in honey and nuts. Order only one for two people.

With a very good bottle of Chianti, we walked out just under 325$ for two. Yes, it was worth it!

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly, it is superb - Milos is the best Greek restaurant outside of Greece. I am Greek and live between Athens and London. I look forward to visiting NYC just for the delight of dining here. Worth every penny. Make sure you get the Kolokithakia Tiganita me Tsatsiki. Best I have ever had - even in Greece. The ambience and the staff are equally delightful.

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      laprima, I'm assuming you know but you are aware that there's a Milos located in Athens (as of 2004).

    2. Does anyone know if Le Petit Milos is still open. When I drove by several weeks ago it appeared to be closed.

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        Been closed for a while now. Even their website's gone.

      2. I have to say I disagree.
        Admittedly, I went to Milo's on a budget- for their Sunday night prix fixe. But the food was completely devoid of love. We started with the calamari, that was accompanied by a sauce that added nothing to the flavour to the dish (other than an extra step before you put the fork in your mouth). The main was salmon (they were out of the arctic char), which was cooked well although with no creativity, and a pile of steamed vegetables in olive oil that was pretty much as basic as you can get. My co-eatsies writer had the lamb, which was equally as boring, and french fries that were inundated with olive oil that left a heavy slick residue in my mouth.
        I understand the premise here- don't get me wrong. High quality food prepared simply and with fresh ingredients. But there was nothing extraordinary or innovative about this meal- no stamp of the chef's ingenuity, or even interest. Perhaps if I had the dollars to venture to Milo's for a regular, non prix fixe meal, I'd be able to rave about tzatiki or dorade, but the fixe was a joke so I probably won't return any time soon.

        1. Hmmmm, we ate at Milos a few weeks ago for my birthday. I am a fishlover and LOVE Greek food, so I was super excited about the meal. After everything I had heard and read about this restaurant, I suppose my expectations might have been too high, but we will not be returning to this restaurant.

          The Good: EXCELLENT service. Our server knew his stuff, was charming and wonderful with our 4 year old kid. The Busboy was also excellent--always there to pick up the forks that my daughter perpetually dropped.
          FISH - undoubtedly the freshest we have had in the city

          The Bad: fish was fresh but totally uninspired. Olive oil and capers are nice, but not really what we expected in a restaurant this talked about. Seemed like something my hubby could have whipped up at home....
          -price - hold on to your hat--- we paid over $500 for 3. Yes, $160 for wine, but still!! We don't mind paying for wonderful food and service, but this only met half the bill.
          Won't return. Would not reccomend.