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Aug 25, 2014 02:37 PM

Going to Kiawah --dining suggestions

We will be in kiawah next week and looking for some suggestions--willing to drive a bit and will go to Charlston one night ( would love a suggestion for that) We have two 10 year old kids but don't need a "kiddie" atmosphere. Open to any cuisine--would love some ideas. We were at the Red Hen a few years ago and liked. Still good? other options ? Thank you!

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  1. La Tela for pizza and pasta in Freshfields. We had a fabulous meal there and would have gone back a second time if we had been staying there longer. The deli inside the Market is fine for a quick lunch, nothing too special but the sandwiches were good. Other than that we found nothing of note. The big produce stand on the left as you're coming onto John's Island is great too for a veggie and shrimp dinner.

    It's Fat Hen and yes...very good.

    Tons and tons of threads on Charleston so do a search.

    Honestly considering the $$$ that's in Kiawah, I'm really surprised there aren't more good restaurants. I think that's a goldmine yet to be discovered!

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      Most of the houses on Kiawah are empty 90% of the time not sure about having enough business in the off season.

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        Charleston is not a seasonal town that closes up in winter. Kiawah has year round residents.

        Wild Olive gets good reviews. Fat Hen has wonderful brunch.

        Like miss piggy stated, there are so many great restaurants in Charleston. Do a search on here, narrow it down to a few and people can help you with choices.