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Winooski Vermont news story - Can This Be True?

Not sure I put this in the correct forum.


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  1. Even if it's true, so what? The business owner is the one who took it down based on a complaint from a local. Nobody (and no gov't!) forced him to. (If he had been forced, I'd be upset, but that's not the case). The business owner is the one who decides which complaints from customers/neighbors he or she wants to deal with in some way. Nothing to see here, folks.

    People seem to be upset at the complainer (last I checked, it was a free country and one is allowed to complain about nearly everything) or the business owner (last I checked, it was a free country etc etc)

    1. Boy, what a waste of newsprint. But maybe no real news ever happens in Winooski...

      1. True story, but no good can come of discussing it here.

        1. Winooski seems to be plagued by terribly first world problems

          1. Its Vermont outside of Burlington. Ever been there? Its no surprise to me. On the other hand, in NH it might be different.

            1. More BS stories to stir up anti-islamic sentiments. No wonder the "Glenn Beck program" (that guy is still around?) is advertised on the same site.

              Pathetic, but no more so than your average talk radio crap.

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                Actually, theblaze.com is Glenn Beck's web site. It part of his whole "The Blaze" media company (formerly GBTV)- which includes a cable channel.

                1. re: NE_Wombat

                  Ha. I feel dirty just clicking on that link now.

                  Wouldn't "The Craze" be more fitting?

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                    Ooh! Ick! I feel like Lucy from Peanuts! "Baugh! My lips touched dog lips! Agh!"

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                      Did you SEE the other headlines on that site? Or read the comment section? Terrifying people.

                  2. What is the ISIS opinion on this?.......

                    1. It's stupid anyway since bacon isn't always made from pork. Every halal butcher I've ever been to carries halal (beef or turkey, usually - sometimes duck or lamb, which I prefer) bacon. If this story is even real she must be a really recent Muslim convert, or something.

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                        The more I think about this story, the more I think it was a put-up job. While the story itself maybe "true" I believe the complainant was recruited by Glenn Beck to generate copy.

                        1. re: mcsheridan

                          Wait.... you mean he may have fabricated the whole thing?

                          Glenn Beck, guardian of all that is righteous and right in this world? Why, never!