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Aug 25, 2014 12:49 PM

Jamonisimo/La Tomiza question

I was helping a friend plan his trip to Barcelona and saw through several discussions that Jamonisimo had closed in 2012. However, I saw that the website now redirects to a place called La Tomiza.

Just wondering if anyone knows whether this is affiliated, or if there is another place that is as good as Jamonisimo in Barcelona?

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  1. From my friends in Barcelona: La Tomiza will be a re-incarnation of Jamonisimo. The owner, Pedro Hernandez, is a producer of jamon Iberico marketed under the name of Martin-Raventos-Unico, therefore, I am sure it will feature his product. The opening date on the website is September so if your trip is after that, give it a try. I know that Carles Gaig uses his product in his restaurants. So does Lasarte. Years ago, I bought some at Charcuteria Semon which has a restaurant in the back of the shop. Might check there or other charcuterias such as Casa Pepe, Tivoli, both in the Eixample.

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