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Aug 25, 2014 11:53 AM

Piedmont: Any Interesting Producers Other than Wine

Sorry for repeating myself. I believe I asked this before as part of another thread but got no replies.
Looking for small producers that we can visit around Alba/Asti. Chocolate, candy, cheese, snail farms in Cherasco, or anything else I may be overlooking.

Also, any interesting stops from Lake Orta to Alba?


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  1. I checked my old notes and came across this entry - a place we didn't have time to visit:

    Cascina San Cassiano (Siamo in Localita San Cassiano 4), a food production facility which makes vegetables in oil, starters, ragout, sauces, james, fruit in syrup, etc. They also have a showroom in the Gallo Wine Gallery (Via XX Setembre 3, La Morra)

    It is also mentioned in this report:

    1. Have you seen the documentary Langhe Doc? It spends time with a pasta maker and a cheese maker in the area. I've not visited either, but found the documentary interesting.

      1. Thanks to you both. Will look into the suggestions

        1. 1) There is the Barbero chocolate shop in Cherasco that produces delicious roasted hazelnuts covered in dark chocolate.

          2) The tourist offices in the towns in Piemonte have excellent pamphlets/brochures on visiting various food & wine producers in the region.

          3) You might to stop in the headquarters offices of the Slow Food movement in Bra and ask them for their recommendations.

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            Thanks for the tips. I see a lot of Baci in my future after a snail filled lunch at Osteria la Torre

          2. Coming down from Lake Orta you will go through the rice fields around Vercelli which produce all the famous Italian risotto. The Pricipato di Lucedio located at Trino (exit at Vercelli or Casale Monferrato) is an old rice grange which gives visitors an introduction to rice cultivation and production.

            As the other poster said, check in the Slow Food centre in Bra for a list of local producers of artisan foods.