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Aug 25, 2014 11:41 AM

New posting protocol...


Just trying to figure out how to start a new thread. You have to click on the "Discussion" link...

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  1. I can't post new thread either??? What's wrong? I says BETA but I cant click on it for some reason,..... Help!!

    1. Hi equal_Mark and Tapas52.

      About a month ago we released an updated design and new features for Chowhound. This page gives info on the new features:

      And these Site Talk discussions cover a lot of ground about the changes:

      If you're having trouble posting, it might be related to browser extensions you have running. Here's a Site Talk discussion related to that issue:

      Hope that helps!

      P.S. We moved this discussion over to the Site Talk board and locked it since it covers questions answered in the linked discussions here. Thank you.