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Aug 25, 2014 11:39 AM

TONIGHT/Monday --low pressure Happy Hour near Pacific Design Center (watch Emmy's)

Looking for low pressure bar/resto/lounge/hotel lounge near Pacific Design Center where we can watch Emmy telecast--with sound on the television. The TV/sound is essential since we need to know what happened/who won.

We're happy to order some bar bites but not looking for huge gourmet meal/splurge since we're going to one of the post-parties at Pacific Design Center and they will have food there.

We will be dressed nicely (but not in ballgown/tux--we are not going to the awards, just the after-party) so a place where we won't look ridiculous in our "nice" party clothes, that has nice appetizers (not greasy bar food) would be great ...

Thank you!

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  1. check out third stop (just beer and wine, but great selection, and good happy hour fare). Lots of TV's - I'd call ahead.

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    1. Zinque is right across the street from the PDC. Wine and beer only.
      Cecconi on Melrose at Robertson.
      Petrossian on Robertson just north of Beverly

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        Ah, yes, Zinque is a great idea. Bet a lot of others going to PDC tonight have the same thought! Last I was there, people were there watching the World Cup. Forgot about it since I've only been once.

        Never been to Cecconi so will have to check it out another time.

        Will save Petrossian for another time, I do like it there quite a bit but don't recall that they have a tv, which is absolutely needed tonight.