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Aug 25, 2014 10:22 AM

DC Hound in Phoenix - Desert Ridge Inn - ISO good eats

All -

Colleagues and I will be at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Inn for a meeting in a few weeks and would like suggestions of good places to try. We're good with anything. So far I have Fu Fu African/Soul on the list. It's a way from the hotel but we'll have a car and hearty appetites.

Thanks for your help.

Cocineroo Cubano

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  1. Friends just stayed at the JW Desert Ridge and we met them for drinks outside of the property overlooking the pool and then headed in to Roy's which is on property.
    I'm not a big Roy's fan in the US, since the islands are much better, but we had a very good meal.

    Friends live in PHX and they enjoy: Atlas bistro, Persian Room, Citzen's Public house, The Parlor room for fab pizza.
    You could roam Old Scottsdale and dine/drink. .Kaz wine bar is great.

    Carolina's for Mex.