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Aug 25, 2014 09:02 AM

what NY restaurant serves classic hot Kiddish food

I'm in an ethnic restaurant meetup and would like to introduce my gentile foodie friends to central-eastern European Jewish food, but most of the places serve other ethnic styles as kosher, are Mediterranean (Israeli), or are German style delis with american starches.

I want have brought to our table fresh (not microwaved): chollent, kishka, tzimmis, kuggle, etc. Noah's Ark is closed, and Gottlieb’s menu is limited. Isn't there a place in Boro Park that does this, maybe just on Thursdays when they are cooking for Shabbos catering jobs?

A buffet style service (like a Kiddish) would be even better. If you know a restaurant or shul with in house cooking that would do this kind of menu for a private party on their premise for a group of 10-20 adults. I'm at wits end trying to arrange this.

I'd look at NJ, Monsey, 5-Towns or KGH, but I really need a place reasonable distance from a Subway. it does not have to have a good Hashgacha, since they'll all be gentiles consumers. It can be open and fresh any evening or anytime on Sunday.

UPDATE: thanks for all the extra ideas, guys.

I spoke to Menashe Gottlieb who claims to have more Kiddish stuff than appears on the online menu for his Thursday/Friday fressers. I may go this Thursday afternoon just to check the 40 seat place out, and see if I can twist their arm to make some Kiddish stuff Wednesday night, as I don't want to bring my gentile friends to a Black Hat place during their busiest Thursday night. Gottlieb’s won't do a buffet, but I'll try to get them to setup a 2-top so I can work with the waiter to cut, platter and portion out the appetizers and side dishes to each table as samplers. they sound very friendly on the phone, but not particularly flexible - who can blame them, as I'm sure they don't need my business (or will my Asian friends cater their next business luncheon with his stuffed cabbage).

I may check out Essen Deli for the same sort of thing, but they are too deep into brooklyn to bring gentiles after work on a weekday night, but maybe on a Sunday. I don't think Mendy's or Yonah S. has enough Kiddish like sides, I can't go takeout or catering as I have no venue or servers, nor do I want to prepay.

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  1. What about Mendy's deli? Would they have what you are looking for? Or perhaps Essen Deli in Brooklyn on Coney Island Avenue.

    Alternatively, if you find a location to host the event there are plenty of take out places in Brooklyn that could cater this quite easily. Meal Mart or Meisners comes to mind.

    1. I'm thinking Ari White/Got Cholent might be able to do something for you. I know he's often on this board, and I can vouch for his kiddush food (which I was forbidden from writing about two years ago). You can probably contact him through his website (Gemstone Catering).

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      1. You might check with Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery---they have a restaurant with limited menu but might be able to suggest something. They are at 137 E Houston. Have been in business forever. Look online.

        1. Just go to Gotlieb's on a Thursday night.

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            I finally checked it out in person and tried a dozen different sides, salads and appetizers. some were good, others were disappointing, but at least now I know what to steer clear of for my gentile guests. I'm just glad they are close to a subway and even on Thursday would still make room for a 10-20 person party since most of the crowd seems on line for take out, not sitting down for dinner.

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              We had a very, very nice birthday party for about 50 people on a recent Sunday at Essen. They were very nice to work with, but they did ask, and we complied, that we start early enough on suday (about 1:30) so we would be cleared out before the Sunday evening crowd.