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Aug 25, 2014 06:19 AM

Chicago Cutlery.

Is it worth rejuvenating old Chicago Cutlery knives.

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  1. Do you mean sharpen the knives when you wrote rejuvenating? Yeah. Old Chicago Cutlery knives have a decent reputation. If you think your knives have been serving you well, but you want them to be a bit sharper, then I do recommend you to sharpen them.

    1. Yes. The old American ones with walnut handles with numbers like the 42s, 62s 61s and such are fine. The chefs are OK but the utility, boning, steak and others are better than the chefs. Their "Taper Grind" on those is nice but the chefs don't have that and are a bit thick.

      Long ago CC went to China and made some utter junk but have gotten a bit better. Stick with the US era.

      Clean, rejuvenate the wood handle, and sharpen up.


      1. I use an old CC chef's knife as a kitchen workhorse - its not fancy but it is comfortable and stays pretty sharp - as long as the rivets are tight and the handles are in good shape oil the handle sharpen and use.

        1. Sure, if it's a knife you like using.

          1. "Old" as in OLD or old as in not new?? I have a few pieces of CC and they're fine for my needs, tho knife people would surely pooh pooh them. I have a few "paring" (small) knives that sharpen/steel up just great.