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Need help with off strip Las Vegas restaurant for a large party

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I'm looking for a restaurant in Las Vegas to host a 40th birthday party for my wife and I. Probably about 40-50 people and we're picking up the tab. I did this 5 years ago and we went to Firefly for tapas and open bar. It was about $100/person including tax & tip. I'm looking for something similar here but don't want to go to the same place.

I am most likely looking for someplace OFF the strip. Also, a place that has a nice decor, that makes it worthy for a nice birthday party. An idea I'm playing with (but don't know yet how to execute) is finding a great chef who may not have his own restaurant or does pop-ups but does have access to a space (given that we can have alcohol).

What I absolutely, positively, do NOT want to do is Buca di Bepo, Maggiano's or something like that. I can't host everyone at Craftsteak but I also don't want to do chain.

Thank you for your help and suggestions!

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  1. Via Brasil is off Strip and has a private room that can accomadate eighty people.