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Aug 24, 2014 09:13 PM

Lyon: any up-and-coming must try new restaurants?

I have spent a lot of time in Paris, but have never been to Lyon. I am going there for a couple of days with my sister, the first week of September.

In Paris, my favorite restaurant is Pierre Sang-Boyer, which is relatively new and very inventive. There is no menu; you pay 39 euros for six courses that are decided daily by the chef. Wine pairing is available for an extra cost. There are only a couple of tables; everyone else sits together along the counter, watching the chef and his staff perform.

I find the format to be very exciting and come away impressed every time I eat there. I prefer newer restaurants in general, as they seem to be more experimental. When you don't have a legacy to protect, you are more free to take risks and do what inspires you.

Does my description of Pierre Sang Boyer bring any Lyon restaurants to mind for any of you (that you would recommend)? If not, what newer restaurants would you suggest? I prefer fusion over classic, but am open to anything.

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  1. In Lyon, you may like Kitchen Café, more classic in its form than Pierre Sang but innovative in its food.
    Right across the street, there's also Katsumi Ishida's En Mets Fais ce qu'il te Plaît.

    1. Le Palégrié on the rue du Palais-Grillet is my usual and much enjoyed oasis for inventive cuisine in Lyon... chef was named "meilleur cuisinier" by LeFooding in 2013... le menu improviste (evening only) at 41€ invites comparison with Pierre Sang but has a more French/ pan-Med slant.