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Aug 24, 2014 08:33 PM

oakland tin's dim sum reappear in hayward

Oakland tin's dim sum moved to walnut creek and now reappear in Hayward as Tin's teapot Bistro on jackson st. Went for lunch today and the place was packed. about ten minutes wait. decent and reasonable price and food.

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  1. Tin's charges $1 person for tea.
    dim sum charges: (sm)2.25 (m)2.95. (L)3.75

    -few small dim sum
    -most are mediums that are small elsewhere
    less pieces too, 3 large ones instead of 4 smaller ones
    -most dim sum are msg-free, also flavor-free (tasteless).
    -order from checklist, only items on trays coming out oare ones people never order.......

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    1. re: shanghaikid

      Shanghai, what is your favorite dimsum place in sf proper or the bay area?

      1. re: barleywino

        Family fave is mayflower, union city for cheapness. some msg used. not all dishes created well/equal

        i prefer saigon seafood richmond over saigon seafood sunnyvale cuz of noise/traffic/parking issues. richmond also uses some msg. keep an eye out for 1.99 or .99 dim sum specials in the afternoons.
        IF id didn't have to wait it line, Hong Kong East Ocean, Emeryville, pricey though. msg usuage slight.

        s.f: ton kiang-pricey but fresh, quality ingredients used.

      1. I loved Tin's when it was in Oakland Chinatown. Alice and Lily are very gracious hosts. REally looking forward to visiting them in Hayward.

        1. I had a business meeting over dinner there recently. Great food and service service, and one doesn't need to speak Chinese to order interesting food. They highly recommended the German-style ham hock, and I thought the dish would cost $20 but it only cost $11.