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Aug 24, 2014 07:53 PM

Feed 20 ppl $150

I'm looking for suggestions for a cheap, but good and healthy(ish), lunch delivery place. We're located in Kips Bay. I have a group of young adults to feed for lunch, preferably w/ a budget under $150 if possible. We're open to all kinds of cuisines (indian, italian, chinese, etc.) w/ some veg options.

Suggestions? Places you think will negotiate well?

Help is much appreciated!

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    1. Pick a bagel (23rd st and 3rd ave), they do salads as well

      Todaro bros does catering, call and talk to Phil (he's awesome), they could likely do sandwiches and a side salad for your budget- but buy drinks elsewhere (the rite aid on 30th and 2nd ave has flats of bottled water cheap)