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Aug 24, 2014 07:51 PM

Restaurants you would like to become a chain ?

From the recent posts about never will go back to. Or, I will return to this chain restaurant. Maybe you would like to see your favorite restaurant in other locations that has the same quality food as the original. Becoming a chain . Any names ?

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  1. Pizza King from La Crosse WI. And the secret to their success is they haven't expanded past their little take out only shop.

    1. Why would I ever want a good independent restaurant to be a chain. Quality always suffers, prices always rise, service always diminishes. At least that is my opinion. I guess the only way I would want a place to be a chain is if they kitchen/local management have total control over menu/drinks/etc. For example, Iron Hill Brewery is a regional brew pub chain in the greater Philadelphia area. Each place has an individual brewer, but the menu is standardized across locations. General view is beer varies from great to mediocre, but food is consistenly .. mediocre. To elevate this organization, I would love to see a management team that could combine what local patrons want, locally available produce and the creative specialties of a chef specific to the location. But from a business standpoint I do not think this would necessarily be as profitable. Which leads me back to my original question, I am hard pressed to envision a situation where I would want a good local restaurant to become a chain.

      1. Okay I'll bite.

        What about Sushirrito, I see they have 3 locations in San Fran. I would love to try this concept here in Florida. Not sure if its good because I've never tried it.

        Voodoo Doughnut could be a lucrative chain here in the urban area of Orlando.