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Aug 24, 2014 03:08 PM

Boston to Nashua and back again

I've got some stuff going on in Nashua next Tuesday afternoon and was trying to think of something either on the way or relatively near Nashua for dinner and/or lunch, with a preference in northern MA or NH as those are spots I almost never make it out to.

The only real limitation is that I don't want anything fancy as we'll be dressed very casually (and possibly a bit dirty in the evening). Definitely no large chains, and would prefer something that's at least somewhat unique or uncommon - by that I mean it'd be sweet if it was something different than what I'd get if I walked 2 blocks away from where I live :)

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  1. Pizzeria Maria on the DW has excellent Sicilian pizza. Call ahead if you're getting a whole pie though because it takes 30-40 minutes.

    1. Do you get to Lowell often? Lots of fabulous options, and most are pretty easy to get to from Route 3 or 495, depending on what direction you are headed. No idea what's 2 blocks from your house but here are some off the cuff ideas.

      In Lowell
      -Simply Khmer. Great Cambodian.
      -Pho 88. Very good Pho, and a pretty extensive Viet Namese menu.
      -Udupphi Bavan. The original location is in Lowell. A sister location is in S. Nashua. Excellent Dosai.
      There are plenty of other options in Lowell, check the Boston board for more ideas.

      In Nashua
      -Cedars is pretty OK for Lebanese. A lot of the menu is standard Lebanese take out, but they run specials, and Mama really does cook those.
      - Sabor Brasil has an OK churrascaria, and very reasonable.
      - Crosby's Bakery is a seriously old fashioned kind of place, fusty in some ways, but they have good cider donuts this time of year, and some of their lunches have a certain old school appeal.

      If for some reason you are driving route 93 instead of 3, there are also a bunch of options in Manchester.

      1. Thanks all.

        I didn't realize Lowell was on the way, and no we don't go there very often and yet there are multiple places I"ve wanted to go for a while there. We stopped at China Star and really enjoyed it. We had recently gone to China Pearl in Woburn and we both liked this spot better. Granted it's far enough away that it'd normally behoove us to go into Chinatown instead but it's good to know of it.

        For dinner we stopped at Marias and it was also really good.

        Thanks to both of you.