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Aug 24, 2014 02:22 PM

Snazzy birthday lunch

My wife and I have a week off but our kid doesn't. I want to take my wife to an amazing bday lunch --very special occasion -- on a Thursday. Was thinking No 9 Park but they don't do lunch anymore. For bearings we are Cantabridgians who like TW Food and Ten Tables etc etc--I'm looking for that combination of sweetness and seriousness of foodie purpose for our couple lunch--then me and the kid make bday dinner later at home. Thanks for your wisdom. Joe

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  1. The best special lunch would be L'Espalier. Expensive and leisurely but worth it.

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      I agree with BBHound entirely: nothing is as delightfully self-indulgent as lunch at L'Espalier. If you want something less formal, we do our "girl's" monthly lunch at Catalyst and always enjoy it.

    2. Wanted to very belatedly thank you both for replying--can't believe I didn't already. Very elegant nice lunch. People talking about investing in a biotech company a few tables away; otherwise pretty sparsely inhabited. More formal than we would usually do, a little low on the sweetness in exchange for a more glossy bring-your-investors vibe; but absolutely lovely and with excellent and creative food. Thanks all!

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        Glad it worked. For a less formal but more intimate excellent lunch try Coppa next.

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          or for kinda fancy in a very pretty room try bistro du midi.