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Snazzy birthday lunch

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My wife and I have a week off but our kid doesn't. I want to take my wife to an amazing bday lunch --very special occasion -- on a Thursday. Was thinking No 9 Park but they don't do lunch anymore. For bearings we are Cantabridgians who like TW Food and Ten Tables etc etc--I'm looking for that combination of sweetness and seriousness of foodie purpose for our couple lunch--then me and the kid make bday dinner later at home. Thanks for your wisdom. Joe

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  1. The best special lunch would be L'Espalier. Expensive and leisurely but worth it.


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      I agree with BBHound entirely: nothing is as delightfully self-indulgent as lunch at L'Espalier. If you want something less formal, we do our "girl's" monthly lunch at Catalyst and always enjoy it.