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Aug 24, 2014 01:13 PM

A couple of Chester County spots I never hear about

Orangery in Thorndale. Looks like a private home, one seating a day, you get whatever they serve. I don't mind the model, but I have not heard of anyone going. Any experience or views from CH?

Same question for Yellow Springs Inn in Chester Springs? Menu seems amazingly expensive for the area. I don't see anyone talking about it, so I have to really wonder if prices are justified.

In either case, I would love to hear CH views and experiences.


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  1. Yellow Springs has been around forever. I have been there for business meetings and found the food to be good, and the facilities adequate. The quality really varies depending on who the chef is. I am not sure if they are emphasizing their public restaurant more or the site for business meetings, weddings and other events. Surprisingly it is BYOB. I am not sure if it has changed hands over the years. I was last there about ten years ago.

    1. I remember going to the Inn at Yellow Springs many years ago, when fine dining choices in Chester County were few and far between. What I recall of my last visit there is not the food nor the service, but the old, musty smell. Never went back.

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      1. Isn't it interesting that we haven't heard anything about the Orangery here on CH? I peeked at the menus, which look nice, but without seeing plating/presentation it's hard to say if it's overpriced. The menu at Yellow Springs -- wow -- IMHO that really is pricey for Chester County! It'd be pricey for Philly.

        And one other observation from the photos on the Yellow Springs Inn website -- the decor kind of creeps me out. Just my opinion.