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Aug 24, 2014 12:24 PM

Lunch/dinner today with kiddos - HELP!

Hello all! We are looking for a place for lunch & then a dinner spot. Traveling with our 11 y.o. foodie-in-the-making & 11 month old daughter so fine dining is not an option. Staying at the Intercontinental & at the WWII museum this afternoon.

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  1. Cochon Butcher is near the WWII Museum if you’re looking for a great sandwich. If not, I’d probably head over to Pizza Domenica for happy hour 1/2price pizzas. Not your traditional pizza place. Lots of foodie stuff on the menu. If you like oysters, Luke isn’t far either. One other place that might fit the bill would be Grand Isle near the Harrah’s Casino.

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      Thanks! I should mention that we are on foot too...