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Aug 24, 2014 12:06 PM

Goofed on making vanilla extract?

So I bought a 1/4lb of beans. Turns out to be 58 beans. I read a number of articles that suggested 3-5 beans per cup of vodka, and then Beanilla website suggested 7 per cup. Based on the calculations I figured I had enough for a half gallon. I have 1/8lb of beans added to my half gallon (1.75 liters). Well, the bean count fits with several of the articles suggestions but I have since gone on to read it is better to go by lbs than counting beans. I'm finding that it is suggested you use a 1/2lb beans to a half gallon. This means I not only need to add the remainder of my beans but buy more!

Also, I bought the cheapest vodka I could find, I hope I didn't shoot myself in the foot.

Please advise? Should I buy more beans or consider my 1/4lb if beans to my half gallon fine?

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  1. Charm,

    Now now, don't make this more complicated than you need it to be. Pounds versus cups versus competing recipes, oy!

    For you, I did math on a Sunday (which I try not to do!) and it seems you have 3.625 beans per cup.

    You are good.

    Most recipes I've seen online are the 3 per cup, or 3 - 5. Beanilla is getting a bit greedy with their amount I think! : )

    If you are concerned, just let it steep longer.

    Good luck and know whatever you make, it will be better than fake vanilla!

    P.S. Cheap vodka is dandy. I've used it to make liquors very successfully.

    1. I agree with happybaker. You have plenty of beans. I use 2 split beans in a bottle that holds about a cup. I use rum for my vanilla, cheap stuff, so I am sure your vodka is just fine.

      1. Personally, I think it will turn out. You just need to steep a little longer than your formula calls for.