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Aug 24, 2014 11:51 AM

Top Chef (and other reality shows) music

Caught some of this on NPR this morning. Apparently Bravo shells out real money for its catchy theme music, rather than using stock stuff. The played that "bump bump bump bump" from Top Chef (the "judging music") and said "now if you just perked up your ears, you're probably a fan of Top Chef". They apparently do that to get you to look up from your iphone, close the refrigerator door, run back from the laundry room, etc. Pavlovian.

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  1. I hate the dramatic music they use during the judging in chopped. Yeah it's judging but is "O, Fortuna" really necessary? It's just food for goodness sake!

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    1. re: YAYME

      I can't remember any of the music off the top of my head, but what has stuck is that sound effect I call Musical Saw when something goes even slightly wrong for a contestant.

      "But I see you left off an ingredient." "Reeeeowrrrrrr"

      This shows up in Chopped, Iron Chef, FNS and I think it's even appeared in Top Chef as well. And it is certainly Pavlovian in the way it makes me look up from my computer to see what they screwed up.

      1. re: ennuisans

        If it's the sound I'm thinking of, it's a phonograph needle dragged across a record.

        Most people here are probably to young to remember vinyl.

        1. re: WNYamateur

          I think I've heard that one used too once in a while. This is more of an echo-ey metallic whine.

    2. The music on Top Chef always sounded like stock loops from Final Cut Pro to me.

      1. Getting a page not found on the original link. Updated one:

        1. Bravo uses the Top Chef music for its other shows, as well. It messes with my mind.