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Aug 24, 2014 11:11 AM

Polyscience Immersion Circulator

Has anyone used this device?

I really like the idea of this. Just clamp it to the side of a pot. Much prefer this design to the sous vide supreme which I have wanted to get but don't want to devote countertop space to it. And the Polyscience unit is cheaper too.

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  1. Three hundred bucks (not counting accessories)!? No, thank you. Then, I wouldn't want it at $30.

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    1. re: GH1618

      Well some of us have this thing called disposable income and an interest in food.

      1. re: GH1618

        What are you talking about? Accessories? Have you ever cooked sous vide?
        You don't need any accessories, you can cook fine in Ziploc bags in a pot.

      2. Also look at the Anova sets of immersion circulators. I have a Anova "one" for about a year myself and use it a lot. They are really great brand and has been making immersion circulators for businesses for a while. They also have great customer service. They just came out with a new item Anova Precision that is cheaper and has bluetooth connectivity. These Polyscience circulators are really just overpriced. Other brands to consider are Sansaire & Nomiku.

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        1. re: bobbykauaiboy

          Thanks for the tip on anova. Looks like a winner.

          1. re: bobbykauaiboy

            Skip Sansaire and Nomiku. Anova One is really the only option right now.

          2. Another vote for the Anova. KISS simple and well built. I love mine.

            1. All of them clamp to the side of a pot.

              If you're going to consider the Polyscience, consider the Chef or Classic series as these are intended for heavy use (the Classic series is for all intents the same unit Polyscience sells to labs).

              I haven't used the intro model you're considering but I have used the Creative, Chef and Classic series, with the latter both in the kitchen and in the lab.

              1. I have their Chef series circulator - I bought it years ago before they had other, less expensive, versions. It is definitely "more machine" than I need - but it works great, though it is louder than I would like (I'm not sure how loud the newer models are or how other brands are). In a professional kitchen you'd never notice but if I'm doing something for a long time (48 hours/etc) I can hear it upstairs overnight.