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Worst thing you ate before working-out.

What are the worst things to eat before working-out?

Pickles.. wanting water constantly.
Kimchi (when I used to eat it).. means tasting it the entire time
Tuna.. tasting it the entire time, wondering if I am sweating fish-smell
Butter cake or anything butter-heavy.. just felling gross and like you have a face full of oil

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  1. Not eating, but a few times I have made truffles at work then gone directly to a workout without a shower. The residual cocoa in my hair and pores, mixed with sweat, was really disgusting.

    1. A PBJ... I know some people that swear by them, but they don't work for me.

      1. Sugar-free candy. Wow, this is painful

          1. Spicy food. I had a meal with a lot of pickled hot peppers and did NOT enjoy that feeling ONE BIT

            1. I had a friend who started running after decades of smoking and literally no exercise. A few weeks into it, we were chatting and he mentioned he was tired of all the vomiting.

              I said "Maybe you're pushing yourself too hard."

              He was quite sure that wasn't it, as he was just doing a slow jog around a local lake and wasn't getting very winded. But without fail, he would throw up a few times after he finished.

              I said "Are you eating a heavy breakfast or something?"


              I said I was stumped, but it sounded miserable.

              Then he tells me casually later in the conversation that he's stopping for another coffee before he goes for his evening jog because it gives him energy.

              Turns out he'd been drinking several cups of hot black coffee every morning directly up to the moment he stepped out of his car to run, sometimes stopping halfway through back at his car to drink some more coffee for "more energy."

              TL;DR: Coffee.

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                Apparently there are some new chocolate/caffeine chews - I've not seen them, but a friend told me about them. I told her she should do a "practice run" with them because they might have some tummy side effects. While we were talking about this in regards to her long commute to/from work - she ended up trying a couple before going to the gym. Very poor results.

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                  I once drank a lot of bourbon the night before a boxing class. My partner (one of the instructors) told me at one point, "Stop blowing that alcohol breath in my face!" I felt kind of embarrased and worried that he thought that I came to class drunk. As hungover as I as, I still go though the whole class. In fact, the intense workout probably made me sweat a lot of the bad stuff out.

                2. I work out first thing in the morning. Worst thing for me is espresso. Best thing for me is espresso and a handful or two of dry cereal. Fine line there.....

                  1. I usually work out on empty but, once I worked out shortly after drinking a beer and eating something starchy. Not good, like running with a gut bomb!.

                    1. Bean soup for lunch. I don't think I need to elaborate.

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                        That's how some people get unfair lift on the stair master, you know.

                      2. Whole milk.

                        I was ten and went home with a friend before basketball practice. Our snack was whole milk and either Oreos or a peanut butter sandwich? The food part was of no consequence, but the lingering taste of all that milk fat killed me during practice.

                        1. Burrito. I love them, and I've made the mistake more than once. I am a glutton for punishment.