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Aug 24, 2014 09:44 AM

Mexico city zocalo area

I live in Mexico so I am not just looking for just mexican food but also I am in search of a really good pizza near the zocalo. And I suppose hoping for a Ruben Sandwich is asking too much.
I had to ask.

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  1. If memory serves me correctly, you can get a bagel with lox (smoked salmon) and cream cheese at the cafe on the roof of Libreria Porrua behind Templo Mayor. The view is very nice. Perhaps that might satisfy your deli craving?

    1. My wife was born and raised in New York. I came late to NY pizza but know that there is no other that is the real deal. Trust me when I tell you that there is nowhere to go for good pizza in Mexico City. We had high hopes the other night and ordered one from a place near-ish where we live: Central de Pizza. It had NO tomato sauce, the pepperoni was ghastly, a surfeit of cheese, bad crust, and the bottom line was: not pizza. Terrible. I've learned to make fairly good pizza, but it's still not perfect. Photo attached.

      Reuben sandwich is also missing in action.

      There are no true bagels (boiled then baked) in the DF.



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        Although there should be both a good pizza and a Reuben sandwich in a city as large as Mexico df, this comes as no surprize.
        The pizza you described sounds like our local Italian restaurant.

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          There's a similar discussion about Reuben Sandwiches in el DF on Have you seen it?

          FWIW, you can get a decent French Dip (I had one) or a Muffaleta at Macelleria Roma, at Orizaba 127, Colonia Roma Norte. The pizza is above average and enjoyable,although late one Sunday near closing time, the pizza was inferior but o.k.

          The restaurant's very slow-loading website:

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            holy crap! 155 pesos for a reuben & a french dip for 170 @ Belmundo. I might have to wait another few years when I go back to the states. I may check it out and do have this place marked on google maps. I do a pretty good french dip for a lots less at home. Thanks for the input.
            I will have to work on muffaleta, google maps did not work there. I will have my tablet so I can do some checking later.
            I made some almost by accident corned beef awhile back. brisket and Morton's tender quick salt. I mean it was so close,considering it was an accident. The spices were missing, 24 hours or more in a marinade in the ref. Boil until tender.
            Sauerkraut is the kicker, and I have no desire to go down that road. Rye bread is not that hard to find in Veracruz city.
            leaving manana. I will let you know what I find.

            1. re: genoO

              I have cured brisket on two different occasions to make corned beef. It's not that hard. The hard part is finding brisket (called "pecho de res" in Mexico. Sometimes my earlier sources have it, then they don't.

              Recently, we bought some tasty precooked and sliced corned beef at Costco Morelia. It was R&W brand, or something like that. Expensive but worth an occasional splurge.

              Sauerkraut is available in jars, S&W brand "Col Agria", at Mega Comercial, Wal Mart, probably at Superama, likely at Trico. But that's in Morelia. Your area stores may be different.

              The really challenging part here is obtaining or baking my own rye bread. (I do it, with varying success.)


      2. BREAKING NEWS: I just found out that you can get a Reuben sandwich prepared with house-made corned beef at Conde Sandwich, corner Av. Alvaro Obregón and Calle Córdoba in Colonia Roma. I haven't tried it so have no opinion.

        Try it and let us know!