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Aug 24, 2014 08:58 AM

please help! 30th bday drinks/dinner recommendations?

Hi, can you give me your recommendations for where a group of 8 girls can get together for drinks? Looking for a terasse in particular and somewhere I can make reservations. Bonus points if there's a restaurant menu. Something mid-price, mid-range for dress (ex: casual but not "a bunch of McGill freshman getting wasted" casual ;) . . . Thank you!

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  1. Les Accords 212 Notre Dame O
    Le Castillion Hotel Bonaventure
    Club Espagnol du Quebec 4388 St Laurent
    La Coupole 1325 René Lévesque O
    Foodlab 1201 St Laurent
    Taverne Gaspar 89 de la Commune E
    Icehouse 51 Roy E
    Jardin Nelson 407 Place Jacques Cartier
    Le Pavillon 2000 Remembrance
    Le Pèlerin-Magellan 330 Ontario Est
    Le Reservoir 9 Duluth E
    Vices et Versa 6631 St Laurent
    El Zaz Bar 4297 Saint-Denis

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    1. re: EaterBob

      Thanks so much. That is very helpful.

    2. You might consider Cartel. Good food, good drinks. The terrasse is small and on St-Urbain, but nicer than that sounds! Not sure about reservations.

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