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Aug 24, 2014 07:20 AM

Can you recommend a starch and veggie to accompany this lemony-haddock?

I am going to make this for dinner:

I don't care for grapefruit & my family demands a veggie and starch to complete a meal. I can make a regular salad and grill corn, but what else could I do? And what sort of starch would be nice?

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  1. if you want corn, make corn. :) you can serve as is, or grill, cut it off the cob and make a salad with that, good cherry tomatoes and roasted garlicky green beans.

    corn to me is a starch so i'd serve some sauteed greens instead of rice or potatoes, but if that won't fly make some basmati rice with lemon juice and parsley stirred in at the end. garnish with chopped almonds and diced peaches.

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      OT, but I've never understood those who think that corn ISN'T a starch and therefore serve things like corn and mashed potatoes or the like.

    2. Maybe couscous for a starch? Can be made with broth flavored just as you like to bounce off the fish. Chicken stock, a splash of white wine, olive oil, herbs, garlic clove, whatever. Happens also to be one of the least objectionable of whole-wheat starches, although of course most people buy the regular anyone. Places with bulk bins sell this cheapest.

      As for veggie, something makes me hanker here for slices or strips of English cucumber (or seeded regular cuke) marinated for an hour or so in a mixture of lemon juice and plenty of olive oil, with S&P. Commonplace cool mediterranean salad. Can add pizzaz (sp?) with minced chiles, or even steamed and cooled fennel.

      1. Excellent suggestion. Basmati rice on the way. Thanks.

        1. Rice pilaf, and green beans in beurre noisette.