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Aug 24, 2014 07:15 AM

Jacoby's Restaurant and Mercantile report

We read the eater stuff, gave them several days to get some sea legs, and walked in last night (saturday) at 7 pm and got a two top in twenty minutes with no reservation and enough time to sit at the bar and have a rye whiskey and check out the back patio overlooking a distant town lake / colorado. nice space and repurposed wood and such. were were seated at about 7:30, ordered pretty quickly. the service was fine even if a little "stoney" from our dude. had that glazed look in his eye. We each got the grilled caesar salads - good, but could have been a bit more dressed. Wife got the shrimp and grits, and I got the 36 dollar ribeye - apparently from a cow they raise on their own local farm. we also got the mac and cheese, and broccoli and brussels as sides. The bad: our salad promptly arrived probably 10-15 minutes after ordering and the rest took like an hour. The ribeye was perfectly salted but was literally 50% fat chunks, and though it was medium rare / rare like I prefer, it looked to be just barely pan seared with low caramelization, not grilled (which isn't necessarily needed), and had no crust to speak of. And I know ribeyes are fatty - but this was ridiculous. The broccoli / brussels were undercooked and under seasoned and frankly as boring as they were healthy. Folks, presumably servers, were yelling through the window into the kitchen at the cooks when I walked by to check the market side while waiting for entrees. The good: We were patient, and what appeared to be the manager came over and apologized for how long our order took to get out and comped our meal. Her shrimp and grits were okay, we both have enjoyed better. The mac and cheese was spiced up a notch and good. So kudos for the recognition of failure on management's part. I hate to rate "let down" for a comped meal, but let down it was. I'll try once more, but I can assure everyone that the kitchen at Odd Duck crushes this one so far. sure, lotta game left, hopefully. Maybe just one more of those places best to sit out back and have burgers and drinks over any of the expensive food. The cow was indeed tasty and the onion rings I saw whiz by looked great. "supper menu"? Not so much.

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  1. next time get the porkchop.. it was pretty yummy Sissy's burger was just eh..ribs were a bit dry... sense mastering the greenegg I am constantly disappointed in steak out.

    I hold out hope for brunch... I love brunch

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      Same here, and I do need a BGE. even still, I cook a better steak than most any restaurant around here by pan searing in a heavy pan hot as hell over a side burner outside, and finishing in the weber. salt, maybe pepper, that's it. when I have time for wood in the kettle, obviously even better.

      I was torn b/t the chop and the steak and looks like i lost.

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        ok GOTW, when are you and the family hitting Olamaie?

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          Did they ever open? I sort of forgot about them to tell the truth... it was a lot of oooops got wait with that one..

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              Realllllly! Welllll. I think then, I will have to select this as my back to school dinner.

      2. Dear Slowcooked.

        Thank You for joining us on our fourth night open. We're glad you took time out of your busy schedule to have a meal with us and apologize that your experience was less than perfect. Everything you have written here has been conveyed to management and will be addressed. You'll see a fair bit of changes coming in the next weeks that we think you'll be pleased with. We hope that you will give us another chance and believe we can exceed your expectations the next time you dine with us.

        -Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile

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          We will come back and gladly give a second chance to a restaurant thats not so up its own rear end to think they dont need our business and so willing to earn it.