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Aug 24, 2014 06:18 AM

Lunch close to Sumo stadium Ryōgoku Kokugikan in Sumida?

We have tickets for Sumo on Thursday, September 18th. Our tentative plan was to go to the area around noon, have a great lunch, go to the Edo Museum, and then go to Sumo from about 2:30 - 5 (or so).

No sushi since we have reservations that evening at Mizutani.

Any suggestions? All I've been reading about is Sumo style restaurants (huge bowls of soup with meat and veggies) but that doesn't sound like a must try.

Any noodle places or great izikayas in the area? (or something I don't even know about?) Doesn't have to be right in Sumida - subway stop or two away is fine.


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  1. The area is called Ryogoku, and it is within a much larger area called Sumida-ku.
    I did a search on a great restaurant site, the Tokyo Food Page (, and they have four very interesting suggestions:

    !Ryogoku (Ryogoku - Unagi). 3631-7534
    This rather plain-looking counter shop has a 400-year history of selling high-quality eel, and one of the specialties is shirayaki ("white" eel without sauce). Unaju (unagi over rice) is Y2400-2800, while the deluxe version (without rice) is around Y4000-6000. It takes about twenty minutes to custom-grill your order.
    SunmapRyogoku 4-32-3. Open noon-2, 5:30-8:30pm (LO). Closed Mondays.

    !Hosokawa (Ryogoku - Soba/Udon). 3626-1125
    First-rate noodles in a tastefully austere modern setting, with a tiny garden visible just out the front window. The soba is quite a bit firmer and chewier than average, with a thick and milky, almost soup-like sobayu (the water the noodles have been cooked in). They do a nice version of tenzaru (Y2450) with tempura-fried anago (conger eel) and luscious seasonal vegetables - it even comes with a deep-fried eel bone.
    SunmapKamezawa 1-6-5. Open 11:45am-3, 5-8:45pm. Closed Mon, 3rd Tue.

    !Momonja (Ryogoku - Nabemono). 3631-5596
    They've been serving wild boar for 280 years now, and their signature boar stew is Y4000 a pot. Other dishes include venison stew and venison sashimi.
    mapRyogoku 1-10-2. (across the street from Ryogoku koban, about 5 min from JR Ryogoku W exit) Open 5-9pm. Closed Sundays.

    Ulaan Baatar (Ryogoku - Mongolian). 6411-4298
    The lamb-heavy menu at Ulaan Baatar attracts a good portion of the local Mongolian community, including the occasional sumo wrestler. (One of the chefs here is in fact the mother of a Mongolian sumo wrestler.) Recommended dishes include banshtai tsai (Mongolian milk soup with meat dumplings) and buuz dumplings (ground lamb, onions and garlic in a flour shell).
    SunmapRyogoku 3-22-11. Open 4pm-midnight. Closed Tuesdays.

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    1. re: Tripeler

      Coincidentally that's exactly what I was about to suggest! (The first two, anyway, the other two aren't open for lunch.)

      Just FYI (the OP, not you Tripeler) izakayas are drinking spots that serve food, and they tend to do their main business in the evenings. If they do lunch it's not very exciting - they're really nighttime destinations.

      1. re: Robb S

        Thanks guys!! Great suggestions really appreciate it. Any idea if lunch is packed during a rush or if either accept reserve rations? Boar stew sounds amazing but may be a bit too heavy before sumo (pun intended)

        1. re: orenshapiro

          I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try a reservation. Or if you show up early, like at 11:30, it's probably not necessary.

    2. Thanks for this. I am going to the Sumo Tournament the same week (maybe the same day?), and I'm planning on possibly having dinner in the neighborhood after the tournament. The unagi and wild boar places look pretty cool.

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      1. re: fishskis

        The wild boar place is great, although maybe a bit old-fashioned in terms of decor. I should mention that the unagi place has zero atmosphere, but quite good food. The soba shop has a nice atmosphere and decor (and good food of course).

      2. Another thing you might want to try is the chanko nabe in the basement of the Kokugikan. I think it is 200¥ for a bowl.