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Aug 23, 2014 07:39 PM

pH tester for home canning

Any recs? There are a few on Amazon around $10, will they do the job?

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  1. I would suggest pH test strips instead.
    Any particular reason why you are looking at equipment rather than the strips?
    My experience with pH meters is limited to actual lab equipment (expensive and not suited for home use) therefore I can't make any recommendations. Apart from that, my canning is limited to mostly pickles of various kinds, fuits in various syrups and jams/jellies. All of which don't need exact pH control.

    1. I agree with Walliser. pH paper/pH strips may be easier. I know lab grade pH meters are not cheap. -- at least $100. I really don't know these $10 ones. I am guessing not extremely well. On top of it, pH meters needed to be calibrated and tested and conditioned. I think pH meters are very useful if you have many things you want to test and particularly useful if you want to do careful titration (changing pH by making very small changes). You can monitor the pH in real time as you titrate

      On the other hand, pH strips are much easier to use. No calibrate or maintenance is needed. In addition, you can just take one drop of your canning solution to test, and the paper/strip never has to touch your bulk solution.

      You get 100+ strip for $5. This one you get 160 strips for $5 (free shipping)

      This one is a bit easier to read and cost $13 for 100 strips.

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          Your welcome. How accurate do you need control your pH? The one I listed above are wide range pH strip from pH 1-14. There are narrow range pH strips. The disadvantage of narrow range pH strips is self explanatory. The advantage is that they provide finer precision. You can tell small difference in pH. Here is an example pH strips designed for measuring between pH 4.6 to 6.2. You can see the color difference between pH 5.2 vs pH 5.4 vs pH 5.8...etc

          Good luck.