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DCity Smokehouse BBQ

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Opened by the former pitmaster of Hill Country. It's a small storefront with roughly 8 seats at a small counter. The prices aren't bad, $25 Showstopper consisted of 1/2 lb of meat of your choice, pork ribs, 6 smoked wings, and 2 sides. We got the brisket, collards, hush puppies and a sausage (at extra cost).

Unfortunately they don't have moist brisket and their brisket is about the same as Hill Country. The pork ribs are really good though, but the wings were on the dry side. The collards managed to be sweet and spicy (I don't like sweet collards). The sausage was fine.

The lacking of seating for dining in means I won't be back. Rather pay more for Hill Country (for the moist brisket and beef ribs) and not smell like a smoke pit after dining.

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  1. 100% disagree with you. Their brisket is miles ahead of Hill Country's - there's a proper bark, a solid smoke ring, and though they don't differentiate moist from regular, it's ALL what I would call moist. Like any good brisket, it's going to degrade quickly once it's sliced, so eating there will definitely get a better product than driving 20 minutes with it in a container.

    IMO, DCity can compete with the best from Texas.

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      Need more sample sizes. I'm sure you had great brisket and I'm equally sure I didn't have anything as good as the moist brisket at Hill Country.

    2. I went there and definitely recommend it. I'll let more qualified people decide whether it's great bbq, but I can confidently say it is good bbq. I tried the pork ribs, the brisket, the wings, and the cole slaw. I ate there, not sure how well the food would travel. The only eat-in option is a counter with about 6 or 7 plastic barstools right in the same small area where people stand in line -- so go for the food, not the ambience.

      The brisket was very good. Some parts lean, some parts fatty, so blend them to get the mix you want in each mouthful, but the key thing for me is that even the lean was moist and tasty. I would tend to say it's better than Hill Country (where I like to blend moist and lean at about a 70/30 ratio) but I might just be biased in favor of DCity Smokehouse since I was just there. I'm not a sauce person in general, but in this case I thought it was not necessary; I didn't use the sauce after tasting it, I thought it was better without.

      Pork ribs were very good. Dry rub; I didn't want/need any sauce with them.

      Wings were good. Since I don’t want to each that much every time I go there, I’m not sure which of the three I will exclude next time, but it’ll probably the wings. As good as they are, they’re not as special as the other two. I had the garlic sauce which is pretty much like garlic mayo – tasty to have a little but not needed in my opinion.

      Cole slaw is “red chili” cole slaw; a standard mayo cole slaw but with a bit of heat. I’d probably prefer just cole slaw without the red chili heat to accompany the well seasoned ribs, but the cole slaw was fine. Adequate but nothing special.

      The accompanying white bread is toasted (grilled) rather than just a plain slice.

      You should all go – but only a few at a time, it’s tiny inside.