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Aug 23, 2014 01:53 PM

30th birthday dinner in DC?

Need recommendations for dh's 30th birthday dinner in DC. He recently got a new job that is a great opportunity but is taking a pay cut, so we're not thinking anything too extravagant (ie, no Inn at Little Washington), but we'd like a nice meal to mark the occasion. We love Proof but have eaten there a lot; something similar would be ideal. I made a reservation at Mintwood but am having second thoughts because reviews make it sound very loud.

He has a peanut allergy so we steer clear of Asian food (sadly). He's not a fan of small plates restaurants.


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  1. Mintwood is wonderful. It can be loud depending on day/time of day (ie weekends are certainly louder than weeknights). You might like Cashion's Eat Place, next door from Mintwood (and you could always do dinner at Cashions and dessert at Mintwood since they have great desserts).

    1. Both Graffiato and Kapnos have VERY economical tasting menus and they will burry you in a huge variety of great food.

      Graffiato can be loud

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        The birthday boy is not a fan of small plates so unfortunately that would rule out Graffiato and Kapnos.

      2. Corduroy, Blue Duck Tavern, and Fiola/Fiola Mare merit your consideration.

        1. Make a trip to CityZen before Eric Ziebold leaves.

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            City Zen is great a bit higher priced. When is the current chef leaving

            1. re: knitone

              He hasn't said, but there were several stories a few weeks ago that he had signed papers to open his own place in 2015.

          2. Bourbon Steak. No small plates there.