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Aug 23, 2014 12:05 PM

Site issue: Mouse Cursor Flashes from pointer to hand rapidly

And it even when Chow is open, it bleeds into other sites open at the same time. It will stop but I have no idea the precipitating factor to it starting or stopping.

What gives?

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  1. Hi healthytouch101.

    We're not seeing this happening on our end, but we'll keep a lookout a for it.

    1. Still happens, only when I have the Chowhound discussions opened up. I use Firefox as browser.

      1. I believe it's the plug-n container.exe or the Flash on the CH page causing this.

        I also get the pointer flashing back and forth with the "drag hand". When I go into the Task Mgr and close the plug-in container.exe process (Firefox's Flash), it stops and returns to normal.

        I have noticed a large increase of Flash memory being used when visiting CH lately.

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        1. re: Novelli

          Hey, thanks for troubleshooting that Novelli!

          We believe those Flash issues are related to ads, not Chowhound content. And in recent months while viewing other sites, I personally have had repeated Firefox issues related to ads/scripts crashing the browser. Might be worth trying out a different browser if the issue continues for you, and healthytouch101 as well.

          1. re: DeborahL

            Absolutely! I didn't mean to state it was CH itself, but the ad content on the site.

            Kind of interesting how ads on the internet upped their memory usage since Microsoft stopped supporting XP.

        2. Seems to stop once I log-in. I am always in private browsing mode and maybe logging in stops some of the ads.