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Aug 23, 2014 05:53 AM

DFW - lunch & dinner - one day

We are coming in to pick up our new Puppy from the breeder flying into DFW

We are looking for a good lunch place, and then something simple for dinner dog friendly

No tex mex we are coming from PHX

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  1. We will be driving north from the airport if that helps narrow down some options, but we have all day

    1. The Woodshed in Ft. Worth is dog friendly. They even have a menu for the pooches!

      When I fly into DFW, my sister and I always go to Mi Dia From Scratch, which is only a few miles from the airport. Even though their website description mentions Tex Mex, I don't really think of it as such.

        1. We ended up at Lonesome Dove Western Bistro for lunch which was pretty disappointing for the price

          The lobster hush puppies didn't taste much like lobster and were a touch dry

          The foie gras was good, a very savory version, could have used a touch more sweertness but I did like the thickness of the toast beneath it, often times the foie gras needs more bread/toast point

          We split the stuffed beef tenderloin which was cooked well but not mind altering and the sides it came with were pedestrian

          The chocolate bread pudding for dessert was good but nothing new and I have had better

          For how famous Tim Love is, I expected more, especially for that price point.

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            I've had lunch at Lonesome Dove twice, and the first time it was really good. Took my mom there, the first time, so the two of us had the lobster hush puppies, wild boar ribs, chicken thigh entrée, and the daily special was a chicken piccata risotto. About two weeks ago I went again and the daily special was chicken flautas. I think they must have been leftovers from the catering business. They were dry, tough, and very disappointing.