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Aug 22, 2014 06:42 PM


I've just moved to Edmonton from Vancouver, and let me tell you, I am DESPERATELY missing a Gourmet Warehouse esque shop. Are there ANY places I can get things like Maldon, Marconas, real Himalayan Sea Salt etc etc here?

I've been to the Italian Centre and have got my charcuterie option DOWN, but all the GOOD staples? Where?? Do I need to go online or take a trip to Vancouver?

There HAS to be a good place here, somewhere. There just HAS to be.

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  1. Edmonton probably feels a world away from Vancouver, but it isn't a wasteland.

    This food magazine is a rather useful resource for Edmonton food shopping and events:

    Aside from regular grocery stores and the Italian Centre I would suggest checking out -- Sunterra Market, they will probably have what you're looking for, albeit at a premium

    Planet Organic - useful for flours, bulk beans, spices…hard to find things like malt powder, citric acid etc. They probably carry maldon too although I can't say for sure. (also not inexpensive, but fantastic variety)

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    1. re: maplesugar

      it's RIDICULOUS how far from home I feel, but all the money is here (about to go be a medic in the oil patch...) so I'm here. That said, my GOD, do I want to fly to Va n and do a BIG shop at places like Gourmet Warehouse and Well Seasoned. I'm a fish outta water (no pun intended) here.

      That said, I loved the Italian Centre when I got there last week -- but I just want a place that has all the things, you know? Are there kitchen stores here or am I losing my mind? I found Knifeware which has me spending approx 1500 in one shot (I have shit knives atm) but is there no one gourmet store here? (which leads my entrepreneurial brain to think i need to OPEN one, but we'll save that for a moment or four....)

    2. You will actually find some of the items you seek at Costco.

      And relax a bit, we are in Calgary, for six years now, and felt like you, though less emotional, and found that we could find everything we wanted with a bit of looking. That said, if you can't find something in Edmonton, it is in Calgary somewhere. So do some research and come down for a weekend.

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      1. re: Scary Bill

        the Calgary trip will definitely happen.... I'm not entirely stressed, but kinda frustrated at not knowing all the insider food things. I know I've only been here for a couple of months, but not having my full pantry is ANNOYing.

        1. re: ccoplick

          It'll take getting used to, but you'll adjust. Glad to hear you found Knifewear, Kevin knows his stuff. The Old Strathcona Farmer's Market has a lot to offer too - not pantry staples per se but a lot of produce, meats etc. My only other suggestion is Barb's Kitchen Centre - never been myself but it looks promising:

          Like Bill I live in Calgary, so I don't know Edmonton as well as I'd like to be able to offer more suggestions.

      2. You can get Maldon and Himalayan Sea Salt at the Italian Centre (West End and South side for sure) and Marconas at the Duchess Provisions (as well as 49th Parallel coffee if you're missing that). I can't think of a huge warehouse-type store for higher end food items, but you will be able to find everything even if you have to shop around a bit. There are some great salt options at Evoolution on 104 Street downtown, so that might be of interest. If you are ever in Calgary, check out Bite Groceteria and The Cookbook Co.
        The first time I went to Knifeware, I dropped $1000. Ouch!
        I have plenty of friends who are here from Vancouver, and while they have adjusted, they just don't like it as much and wish they could go back. Even after 7+ years of being here. Sorry to be a downer!

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          Yeah.... I'm working on adjusting, but I also know that I *will* be shopping either online or taking periodic "stock up" trips to Vancouver for SURE. Evoolution is on my list for sure -- want to have more money than I do at the moment to go there. I figure my Knifeware shop is gonna cost about $1500 to start. I'm definitely missing 49th Parallel but not as much as Gourmet Warehouse etc. i'm *really* surprised there isn't a big store with all the foodie goodness here....

        2. If you don't mind a bit of a drive - check out a store called Nutter's. They have a location south of Edmonton in Leduc. There are others, Wetaskiwin for example, but not as close as that one. They have a great selection of things like Himalayan Salts - several different varieties, as well as many other "natural or health" products, some in bulk - various hard to find flours, baking products, salts, peppers, etc. And their prices are decent.

          1. Not sure if they have Marconas. But Sunterra Market downtown, Evoolution oils and vinegars and Earth's General Store organic market all carry several different natural sea salts from different regions. Those are just what I had at the top of my head. Locations listed below.

            The Sunterra Cellar
            2nd floor, 10150 Jasper Avenue
            Edmonton, AB T5J 1W4

            10130 104 Street NW
            Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7

            Earth's General Store
            9605 - 82nd Avenue