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Aug 22, 2014 01:20 PM

Talking about restaurants that no longer exist

(Apologies to OP. There are plenty of these; this one is brand new.)

IIRC, there actually used to be a rule that a "stroll down memory lane" wasn't allowed. That we are talking about today not the past. What Chow-worthy purpose does it serve? These pop up all over the place. ???

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  1. If actual "chow-worthiness" were a criterion, you could delete 75% of the GT threads.

    Windmills, co. Windmills.

    1. I don't see what could possibly be wrong with that thread.

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      1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

        As I said, this is just a brand new example of what didn't used to be allowed and now (for quite some time to be honest) is. What does it contribute?

        And, lingua, yeah, I know. I got one of "those" emails this morning and am cranky :(

        1. re: c oliver

          Oh I see. I think it's food related and relevant to the members posting in it. I see no reason to take it down. I guess I'm in favor of allowing that kind of thing.

          What are "those emails"?

          1. re: c oliver

            I guess I just don't see much worth in complaining about the inevitable changes that a website such as this one -- i.e. a member-based forum -- will experience over time.

            As you noted yourself, this is by far not a new development - unless you define *new* = within the last 10 years, or since Leff sold the site to whomever, whenever that happened (I don't pay much attention to CH's history, it makes me sleepy).

            I joined in '07 or '08, and the discourse (using that term in the broadest sense possible, of course) on food and *plenty* peripheral topics was really not all that different from how it is today.

            Food & finding deliciousness is obviously important to the majority of posters here, but let's not forget that "food" encompasses culture, traditions, rituals, family, LOTS of emotions -- just look at the huge number of nostalgic posts about discontinued items, your favorite >insert x< of all times, never mind the thread you linked to, etc. etc.

            Ideally -- and probably more along the lines of the original intentions for creating this site, there would only be the local boards, perhaps HC, maybe cookware... everything of substance.

            But given the massive number of participants with new people joining every day, the "chow-worthiness" will inevitably diluted. Trying to impose your personal standards & expectations is a lost cause.

            There is still plenty of information here for those that seek it, and who know where to find it.

            Just ignore the threads you find inane, uninteresting, or not chow-worthy.

            You'll be a happier and much more content person for it.

        2. Maybe I am having a senior moment but I remember those types of threads from way back, its doesn't strike me as new.

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          1. re: foodieX2

            Yes, I have been here since the Leff days and don't remember this topic ever being verboten.

            1. re: ratgirlagogo

              I had a post in a thread removed because I mentioned a place in Yonkers we used to go and didn't talk about specific dishes there. They said it wasn't about food - so sorry, gone. This was about a year or so ago.

          2. If the OP is fond of a particular restaurant now defunct perhaps one can suggest existing restaurants that are similar? On San Francisco board, I had listed closed restaurants my dad had enjoyed when seeking recommendations for places he would enjoy now.

            1. As with the What's for Dinner threads, we've found that people enjoy Chowhound more when there's a bit more leeway for less "laser focused" (to also take a stroll down memory lane) threads. Threads about beloved closed restaurants do sometimes lead to current chow tips, as posters share information on favorite recipes from the closed restaurant, or let people know where chefs are working now, or where that type of chow can be found at a currently open restaurant. Occasionally some of these threads are even updated with information that the long-closed place is getting fresh life in a newly opened venture. All of that type of discussion does help people eat better today. We also haven't found that the few nostalgia threads have overwhelmed discussion of the current dining scene, rather the opposite-- they draw in new posters and engage longtime posters. In the end, we think that engagement leads to more and better current chow tips. As always, it's easy to skip over a thread that's not of interest!