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Aug 22, 2014 07:23 AM

Asian Food in Salem, OR

Salem doesn't seem to have any shortage of Asian restaurants...but are any of them truly great? I've been to Love Love and while it was okay, it was just okay. I've got a list of a few places I am wanting to try and am hoping to get a little feedback on them or offer up some places that I am leaving out.

Golden Crown Restaurant
365 Liberty St. NE

Saigon Restaurant
477 Court St. NE

J's Teriyaki
613 Lancaster NE

Momiji Japanese Crepes & Sushi
4590 Silverton Road NE

China Gourmet
1405 Broadway NE

Bibim Bap House
635 Chemeketa St. NE

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  1. I went to Saigon Restaurant yesterday and got a banh mi. I got the curry chicken banh mi and it had way too much curry sauce on it, it was very messy. It was good but next time I will try the roast pork.

    1. When we visit Salem every few years we stop at Marco Polo. They are super veg friendly. Used to be downtown, but moved to a rather strange location about 5 years ago that used to be a social club and the ambiance is very Sinatra era. Willing to overlook the strange decor since we love the variety of veggie dishes available. We only eat from the Asian menu, not the "European" menu. Can't speak for meat eaters.

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        I have actually heard awful things about Marco Polo. It just seems that they have this massive menu and are trying to be all things to all people...but not doing any of it well.