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Aug 22, 2014 06:08 AM

Rome & Florence with a 4 year old

I am looking for some casual restaurants with simple dishes. Are the ones below kid friendly? Thank you.

Rome: Enoteca Cavour 313, Open, Da Cesare, Babette, Circus, Da Gino, Antica Pizzeria, Fratelli Ricci, Taverna dei Fori Imperali, La Regola, Hostaria da Nerone, La Barrique, L'Asino d'Oro, Settimio Al Pellegrino, Fortunato al Pantheon, Tram Tram, Lumie di Sicilia, Antico Arco, Trattoria Monti.

Florence: Edy

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  1. Dont you already have a thread going on this topic?

    Wondering, have you used the search feature yet? There have been many prior inquiries about child friendly restaurants. If you use the option to search "this Board" you may find useful info.

    In general italians are very friendly and welcoming to chilcren. MOst of the above places would likely be just fine from this standpoint. If you could be more specific about what you mean by casual and simple it might help.
    Most restaurants will have simple pasta primi, for example, a spaghetti or tonnarelli (fresh cut square pasta) with cheese (cacio e pepe), a slightly spicy tomato sauce (amatriciana), with a simple tomato sauce or ragu, or cream. Many will also offer ravioli in some form. This may be an ample meal for your child. Most secondi (main course) dishes in Rome are fairly simple - grilled or roast meat for example lamb, veal, pork or beef (latter often cut up (tagliata). Chicken is not common. Salads are usually listed with the veg (contorni) and are not usually large dinner size salads. They can be eaten as an appetizer or with or after the main course.
    HOwever the meal format and setting might not be casual in the way you are thinking. While not formal and stuffy, Restaurants will have tablecloths, diners will be conversing rather than seeking to have their voices heard over music and the service will not be geared to quick turnover. Focus is on convivial eating, with friends or business associates. In short it is different from US restaurant culture.

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      Great thank you. Yes, I did a bit more research into some other restaurants so was just wondering about these. By simple I mean simple ingredients and presentation. I will have a look at the other boards.

    2. I think the biggest problem you have is trying to find restaurants that are good AND child friendly AND open in august AND within a limited time AND within limited radious. I have already given feedback on some of these on your other thread, i'll give some more here.

      Cavour 313 is not child unfriendly per se, but has uncomfortable seating. Don't think they are open in august but don't know for sure.
      Open baladin is a beer pub. You decide if that is ok for a 4 yo.
      Do you mean cesare al casaletto? Very child friendly, very good, open during your second round in rome - but not in the center and not quick.
      Babette might be ok.
      Da gino is tight quarters, but might be ok for a quicker lunch or dinner if they are open.
      La barrique is a winebar with food, not child friendly.
      Asino d'oro is not as good as it used to be, not very child friendly, closed in august.
      Settimio child friendly and central but don't know if open.
      Tram tram is good, child friendly but very out of your way.
      Lumie di sicilia is ok and child friendly but out of your way.
      Antico arco is fine dining and not the best place for a 4 yo.
      Trattoria monti is closed in august, 4yo might be ok.

      It also depends on your child obviously - if she can sit thru a meal, it will be easier to fibd places. Cesare is the only place where she can run around.

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        Thank you. Appreciate your feedback.