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Aug 22, 2014 05:34 AM

2014 State Fair Food -- report the hits and misses!

I can't believe it's day two already, and no thread! My family isn't going until next week, so I'll let the CH community wean out the good from the bad for me.

(Don't make me rely on Rick Nelson, whose descriptive scale runs from "Fab!" to "Skip" with nothing in between.)

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  1. Sorry I haven t been to the State Fair for,about 10 years so I am as curious as you are!

    1. My quess (have not been there yet this year) would be either the Caribbean Lobster Roll at Cafe Caribe - or - The Chilaquiles at El Sol Mexican.

      1. The caribe lobster roll was great
        Famous daves has a new roasted pork with kim chee pickles that i really liked and the blue barn chicken and gravy in a waffle cone was delicious

        1. Sorry, I missed your post and posted above about our first visit.

          1. What I tried:

            Famous Dave's Korean BBQ Pork Collar: Very tender, nice texture and flavor. But the pickles with it are not "kimchi" as advertised; they're spicy bread-and-butter pickles, which is not bad -- but definitely not kimchi. One of the few Fair foods I've ever tasted, though, which I would go for on a second visit and one that seemed reasonably priced (by State Fair standards) at $7.

            O'Gara's Pretzel Curds: cheese curds with ground-up pretzels in the batter, a little pretzel salt on the outside, and a chipotle dipping sauce. The first 2-3 were tasty. But there isn't s smaller size than "$6.75". Much better Fair food to share with a few people.

            Mancini's Beer Gelato: Nelson liked this a lot; to me it just tasted sweet. Not cloying, but nothing I would identify as beer.

            Green Mill's Pizza Tots: I'd rate these a "miss". There's not enough of any one ingredient to stand out -- more a fault of the format (tater "tot") than the recipe, I think. Nothing I'd waste calories or stomach space on again. I don't remember the price.

            JonnyPops: cream and fruit blended into a bar that managed to be sweet but not cloying. $4. Probably worth it if you can eat the whole thing or share.

            I am seeing a trend to notably higher prices at the Fair -- many items were $7-9. However, most of those items offered either more involved prep or better ingredients, softening some of the blow. Still a better deal (from the foodie perspective) to go with a bunch of people so you can try more for your dollars.