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Aug 22, 2014 04:40 AM

Whole Deli Glastonbury?

Just saw a sign in the window next to Harrys. Anybody know anything about the move in? Just googled them and looks like they may be related to the one in Windsor? Thanks.

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  1. Hmm, nope. Looks like a small, local chain--found one in Rocky Hill, too. Do you like the sandwiches in Windsor?

    1. Gemini...Is this a good place? I wouldn't mind having a nice deli closeby

      1. Sorry, never been to a Whole Deli and looks like it's not open yet.....maybe we will hear from someone who has been there, didn't realize there was also one in Rocky Hill...

        1. Sorry but does Glastonbury really need another sandwich shop? This is not really a deli in the true sense of the word. I can get just as good a sandwich and for less money at Highland Park Market. How about some real Jewish corned beef or pastrami, not the Boars Head versions.

          Also saw that they are opening a panini shop next to Bertucci's in the Griswold Mall on Main Street. Anyone know anything about it? Jay

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            Highland is a bit of a schlep for me. Gardiner's is closer, but, meh. If not a real deli I agree. I saw the cooking toy store went out but didn't notice the panini place

            1. re: BiscuitBoy

              B: HA, "the cooking toy store"--she moved back to their original digs in East Hartford underneath Shampoo One. Haven't been by yet. I'd like a small pastry brush, might need to pop in.

              Jay: I found this:

              Here's a menu:

              With both of you on the desire for a real Jewish deli rather than another run-of-the-mill sandwich shop. I don't see it materializing, but maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised someday. Let's hope Hot Table is something new and interesting.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                Thanks for the information. It looks interesting. My wife would probably like it if the salads are good.

                I was wondering what was going on with the kitchen store there. The last time I was in the place was practically bare. I was looking for a dishwasher safe ice cream scoop and they did not have it. Ended up going to the place in Berlin for it. Thanks again, Jay

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  I have my fingers crossed for a real deli!!! The last thing we need in this town is yet another restaurant. I would love a real deli!!!

              2. re: JayCT

                Thanks for the info, and I agree on the good deli need...didn't realize the cooking store moved, I don't go in often as last time I went in it was pretty underwhelming, maybe she was prepping for the move. Just realized that there are a few empty spots in Somerset Square and that soupz moved out, but I think that's old news...

                In so g. Looks like the new place across from Gardeners is making progress, but what's going on at south tavern, looks like the construction is on hold?

                1. re: geminigirl

                  As someone who lives close by the "old" South Tavern, I can attest that progress is very slow. It is the neighborhood eyesore! Seems like they have invested alot of money but in no rush to see the return. That being said there is at least one person working there daily. New windows and doors have been installed.
                  The blue house on the corner (Mexican) is humming along nicely.

                  1. re: askeenan

                    Thanks, just glad to know they haven't thrown in the towel at ST.
                    Anxiously looking forward to the "Mexican" place!

                  2. re: geminigirl

                    South Tavern (Angelos) started demo and remodeling without permits, and was delayed by the town...Still, missing another summer season, the progress is glacial

                2. I drove by the sign for Whole Deli as I was on New London Turnpike right before hopping on exit 10. I hope we get a real Jewish Deli. They really make great food and it's an easy stop on my way home from work! Fingers crossed :)