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Aug 21, 2014 10:16 PM

Grilled Whole Fish & Best Lobster & SLS Eats?

Heading to Vegas over Labor Day weekend for my fiancée's birthday. Staying at the SLS and fingers crossed their food venues are pretty good. Most are already sold out though but I'll see if I can get in anywhere.

The fiancée is a big fan of steamed lobster. Also loves crab (like Crustacean has). Also a fan of grilled whole fish. Is Crustacean still there? Any other suggestions for lobster, grilled whole fish or crab?

Looking for somewhere fairly nice for the big birthday dinner...up to $200 for two, drinks included. Also looking for a second night dinner suggestion - ideally not as expensive, $100 for two if possible, drinks included. Preferably on the strip but not opposed to going off of it.


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  1. Bartolotta and Minos are high-end options for grilled whole fish, albeit with the freight from bringing them in from the Mediterranean a part of the tariff, which will stretch it close to your price point. But in truth not sure anyone does a whole fish better than when Saipin throws a catfish on the grill (Pla Dook Yang) at Lotus of Siam. Only about a three minute taxi ride from the SLS. And if you want to make it a "Lobster Night", you will still be in time for a reasonably-priced special at the Palm (

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    1. re: QAW

      Thanks QAW.

      Heard great things about Lotus on these boards so may have to finally give it a try.

      As for the lobster deal at the Palm, we have one in LA and just went two weeks ago for the lobster special. Not opposed to going again in Vegas, but was hoping for something more Vegas-y. We're from Miami originally so we're big fans of Joe's Stone Crab and I know they have pretty good lobster as well, but again was hoping for something a little more Vegas.

      I'll keep searching but I'll definitely check out Lotus. Thanks!

      1. re: cincodemayo1

        Re: Joe's, I can't handle the wait in Miami...

        But I try to get there when I'm in Vegas :)

    2. You might consider Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast. They do whole steamed fish. Also Lobster Macau. I haven't had either but the food I have had there was very good.