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Aug 21, 2014 05:46 PM

Please help take this topic off my feed!!

For the love of God, please help me to take a topic off of my list!! I thought all i had to do was click the Follow button off from Following to Follow. And yet the topic still comes up when I click on my profile to find the topics I have contributed to. How do I turn off the ones I no longer want to follow?? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you!!

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  1. If you unfollow a thread, it should drop off your Followed Discussions, but will remain on the listing of your Posts.

    Of course, don't post to it again, or you will be Following it automatically.

    1. Unfollowing a thread by clicking the follow button on the thread or the yellow star on your My Followed Discussions page on your profile will prevent it from appearing on My Followed Discussions, but it will continue to appear on All Discussions. (Clicking on your name or avatar on a post, or on your avatar in the upper-right corner of the page should take you to My Followed Discussions.)

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        Yes, I had done that and it still appeared when I went into my profile, and my followed discussions. Seems it has now fixed itself as I clicked on following and follow again on the discussion thread, then checked my profile again. Maybe it takes a few minutes to take. Thank you.